377869 62: Calvin Coolidge, thirtieth President of the United States serving from 1923 to 1929. (Photo by National Archive/Newsmakers)
The Time President Coolidge Pardoned A Thanksgiving Raccoon
By Chase Shustack
For decades, United States Presidents have had a tradition in which they officially "pardon" a lucky turkey. President Calvin Coolidge, however, offered a different spin on this tradition by pardoning not a turkey, but a raccoon.
The raccoon was sent to the President as a sort of "gift" from a woman in Mississippi who said that the animal would have a "toothsome" flavor. The bizarre gift made headlines around the nation, with The Boston Herald quipping that Coolidge "probably won't eat" his gift.
Not only did Coolidge pardon the raccoon, but he made it a family pet named Rebecca. Coolidge had a little house built for his furry pet, where she would sleep in between frolicking through the White House lawns and enjoying bubble baths.