The exterior of an Olive Garden restaurant.
The Time Olive Garden Customers Took Endless Pasta To The Limit
By Stacie Adams
Olive Garden is famous for serving limitless portions of pasta in its never-ending pasta bowl promotion, and claims of diners overdoing it have become legendary at the chain.
According to a Quora thread, a customer stated a server provided 16 servings of pasta to a single diner. Another person said a friend once consumed 12 pasta bowls on their own.
The portions of each serving of the never-ending pasta bowls are unclear, although a Quora commenter claims that subsequent servings are about half the size of the first.
If that's true, about 16 servings of fettuccine alfredo would provide 10,370 calories and 760 grams of fat during a single meal, making these claims seem highly suspect.
The promotion is also limited in nature, meaning the chain could end it at any time. Customers probably can't dine for hours, as they would prevent others from dining there.