top view of a fried egg in a skillet
The Temperature Trick That Will Make Stubborn Eggs Glide Right Off The Pan
By Laura Zbinden
There's nothing worse than finding out the egg you patiently cooked is glued to the bottom of the pan, only to scrape it off with a spatula and rip it apart in the process.
The root cause of stuck eggs is often that the pan was too hot during the cooking process. To unstick your eggs, simply allow the pan to cool for a few minutes.
As the pan cools, the eggs should naturally detach from the metal, allowing you to slip a spatula under them and easily slide them onto your plate.
While the eggs continue to sit in the hot pan, they'll keep cooking. To prevent this, try to stop the sticking entirely by cooking the eggs on a low flame over a longer period.
Culinary Scientist Julian Weisner said in a video with Hestan Cue that although metal nonstick pans look smooth and flat, there are "peaks and valleys on the surface of the pan."
When the raw egg hits the pan and then flows into these valleys and hardens, it causes your eggs to stick, especially when the heat causes the metal crevices to expand wider.