A coleslaw on a napkin covered cutting covered.
The Tangy Ingredient That Will Have Your Coleslaw Stand Out From The Rest
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
If you love the deep, tangy flavor vinegar imparts in coleslaw, you can make it even more pronounced by adding chopped pickles and a splash of pungent pickle juice.
This ingredient will elevate your coleslaw with maximum tang and crunch, infusing each bite with a flavor that pickle lovers and classic coleslaw fans will adore.
Whether you prefer dill, bread and butter, sour, or hot pickles, each of these varieties can be infused into your slaw to imbue a variety of different flavor profiles.
Classic dill pickles make for an excellent standard, and their dilly taste can be augmented with a touch of fresh dill in the slaw mix as well.
Adding chopped pickle pieces directly into the coleslaw also adds a variation in mouthfeel, providing a different sort of crispness compared to the shredded cabbage.
This combination also helps balance out the richness of main dish foods coleslaw is often paired with, such as smoked, fatty meats.