The Sustainable Frozen Shrimp That Is Cheapest At Aldi
By Jennifer Waldera
Grocery giant Aldi is best known for its low-priced, high-quality products. The cheap chain's devotees have plenty of lists of Aldi products they love, and one of the newest finds to add to the list is the Fremont Fish Market Wild Caught Argentine Shrimp.
Argentine red shrimp, known for their likeness in flavor to lobster, are also being sold at Trader Joe's, but their prices are different. At TJ’s, A frozen one-pound bag, with about 20-25 shrimp, sells for $11.99 in some stores on both east and west coasts, while Aldi's Fremont Fish Market sells the same frozen bag size at $10.99.
Fremont Fish Market is an Aldi-owned brand that provides sustainable seafood products certified by multiple organizations. Aldi US's Argentine red shrimp are fished both inshore and offshore, which, as detailed by Fishery Progress, has an "A" rating for their progress on their goals of improving the water and fishing practices, respectively.
If you shop at Aldi’s in the right season, Aldi Reviewer says you can also find frozen Argentine red shrimp skewers — an already-prepared tapas-style product with flavors like citrus herb, salted butter and garlic, and chipotle sea salt. The packages are smaller at 8 ounces, but they're only $6.99 and contain 2.5 servings.