Pepperoni pizza sliced, on blue background, one pizza, top view.
The Surprising Pizza Chain That's The Biggest In The US
By C.A. Pinkham
When you think of pizza chains in the United States, a few big names come to mind. However, the company with the most locations may come as a surprise: Hunt Brothers Pizza.
Although Domino's and Pizza Hut wage war over positions two and three as the biggest chain with nearly 7,000 spots each, Hunt Brothers outnumbers them with around 9,700 locations.
The company has done it by eschewing every rule its competitors espouse. They make franchising easy, and their products are available at gas stations and convenience stores.
Hunt Brothers doesn't build free-standing locations. Rather, it adds pizza counters to existing locations in rural southern and midwestern areas underserved by other chains.
Its unusual business arrangement offers initial equipment for low prices (around $10,000) to existing businesses to begin cooking and selling pre-made frozen pizzas seamlessly.