cranberries, up close, red, shiny, jewels, washed.
The State That Produces The Most Cranberries
By Angel Albring
As a Native American fruit that grows on vines, cranberries are a delicious American staple whether you eat them whole or as a sauce. However, since they thrive in the wetlands under specific conditions, cranberries can only be grown in very few locations, and the one state that produces the most may surprise you.
The top five American states for cranberry growth are Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington, with Wisconsin producing more than half of those. In 2021 alone, Wisconsin produced 4.17 million barrels of berries, and as one barrel alone equals 100 pounds of cranberries, we may never have to worry about a shortage.
On average, Americans consume 400 million pounds of cranberries a year, with 80 million being consumed during the week of Thanksgiving. Because they lower the risk of urinary tract infection, decrease blood pressure, and improve immunity, there’s no need to wait until the holidays to enjoy cranberries, and there are plenty of great recipes to choose from.