Someone holding up a Starbucks cup.
The Starbucks Cup Hack That Guarantees You Get More Bang For Your Buck
By Ciara McLaren
If you plan to add cream to your Starbucks coffee, you don't want the cup to be filled to the brim. So, make sure you order small and fill big.
Order a Grande in a Venti cup. That way, you'll have plenty of room to add cream, and you may get a little extra free coffee if you catch your barista on a good day.
On the Starbucks app, hit the customize button and scroll to cup options, where you can request a bigger cup. In the store, politely ask your barista for a larger cup.
If a Starbucks employee is nice enough to fulfill your request, say "thank you," but don't expect to get the same service next time, and keep your requests simple.