scrubbing grill grates with wire brush
The Simple Step That Makes Scrubbing Your Grill So Much Easier
By Tom Maxwell
Cleaning a grill grate is tedious and often difficult, but there's a trick that might save you time and physical exertion later on: Leave your grill on for some time after cooking.
Leaving the grill on during your meal and turning it off when you're done eating incinerates the BBQ drippings, making it much easier to brush and clean the grates between uses.
There's a lot of controversy regarding the safety of using a metal wire brush to clean grill grates, but you may be able to get away with it if the stuck-on grease is burnt.
The problem with wire brushes is that they can shed their bristles, get stuck to greasy grates, and wind up in your food, but there are other ways to clean your grill efficiently.
The heat from the fire should sterilize the grate as well. Try to get as much charcoal and burnt bits off as possible so the carcinogens don't impart bitterness to your food.