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The Simple Seasoning Mistake You're Probably Making
By Kalea Martin
To maximize the flavor of your seasoning, try seasoning your dish as you cook so that you get layers of flavor in every bite instead of piling the seasoning on all at once. Salt, for example, is best added in stages because it mingles with the other ingredients over time to activate its flavor-enhancing properties.
The same applies to spices as the flavor-packed oils contained within them are released with heat, and if you layer your food with spices as you cook, the flavor gets equally distributed among each ingredient. However, even though seasoning your food throughout the cooking process is the key, it's also an easy way to go overboard with the seasoning.
To prevent this, measure out your seasoning — adding half of it in the beginning then sprinkling the other half little by little as you cook — and keep tasting your dish while cooking. Ground spices, however, must be added at the end, as adding them toward the beginning diminishes their potency, and you'll end up adding more than you need.