a cup of mousse
The Simple 2-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse That Packs A Ton Of Flavor
By S. Ferrari
All you need for this magical 2-ingredient chocolate mousse recipe is chocolate and heavy cream or water. The chocolate will be diluted, so choose one that is powerful in taste.
For the dairy-based version of this mousse, whip up the heavy cream until it's a mousse. Then, make a ganache by melting the chocolate with a portion of the heavy cream.
Once the ganache has cooled, fold in the cream gently to avoid overmixing. When done properly, the mixture will be rich yet fluffy.
When making a dairy-free version, melt the chocolate with water in a bowl. Set the mixture over a bowl of ice and whip vigorously for a few minutes until it's airy yet thick.
You can also add a few drops of flavored extract, like mint or coconut. Kick up the dessert with spices, or add more sweetness with a caramel sauce.