A closeup of shot glasses on a black stone background.
The Shot Glass Tip For Microwaving 2 Tiers Of Food At Once
By Grace Allison
Shot glasses don't usually end up in a microwave, but there's a savvy hack involving shot glasses in a microwave, which allows you to microwave two tiers of food at once.
For this hack, place a plate into a microwave, position a shot glass upright in the center of the dish, and then carefully set another plate on top of the shot glass.
Once you ensure everything is balanced, gently close the microwave door and press start. This is the ideal hack for thin or flat dishes that fit compactly on a plate.
You can easily reheat or defrost food using this method. However, you may need to increase the cooking time because the extra food in the microwave contains more moisture.
Portion sizes and shapes that are alike might have similar cooking times, while significant differences in portion size can make regulation more challenging.
It's also best to only use shot glasses made from glass or ceramic. Avoid using crystal, handmade pottery, metal, and stainless steel shot glasses.