Publix grocery store online order pick up center with cold storage and non-cold storage, Florida. (Photo by: Lindsey Nicholson/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Secret Way Grocery Store Flooring Makes You Lose Track Of Time
By Angel Albring
You probably already know you shouldn't go to a grocery store on an empty stomach because you'll be more apt to buy foods you don't need. However, it might be surprising to hear that grocery stores are actually designed to make you spend more time in them to spend more money.
Grocery store floor tiles are small, which creates a rhythmic sound of the shopping cart's wheels going over them, making your shopping cart sound faster and causing you to slow down and spend more time shopping. The store is also laid out so that the most sought-after items like milk, eggs, butter, and bread are at the back of the store, forcing you to browse until you get there.
Grocery stores offer free samples to make you hungry and more willing to buy the product after you’ve tasted it. AARP also shares that cold drinks are purposely placed in the front of the store by the cash register to entice you after a long day spent at the store.