bowl of classic southern coleslaw
The Secret Ingredient Your Colelsaw Is Definitely Missing
By Allison Lindsey
Introducing garlic into your go-to coleslaw recipe is an easy way to add a new and pronounced depth of flavor to your favorite side dishes or as a condiment for main dishes.
Garlic gives coleslaw a well-rounded, approachable flavor profile that complements the slightly bitter cabbage, sweet carrots, and the rich, creamy bravado of the mayo.
It's worth considering the different types of prepared garlic to determine which one works best in your recipe, including raw, roasted, or pre-minced, jarred garlic.
Raw garlic is the most intense form with its pungent, spicy flavor. It's firm, solid texture bolsters the crunchiness of the salad while adding a poignant, aromatic flair.
On the other hand, raw pre-minced garlic is less flavorful than raw, as allicin begins to dissipate once garlic is cut. However, it is the most convenient and easy-to-use variety.
For a less intense flavor that's still just as delicious, opt for roasted garlic. It flaunts a toasty, fragrant, and caramelized flavor with a velvety-smooth,
buttery mouthfeel.