A person pulling a basket from an air fryer.
The Secret Ingredient That Browns Air Fryer Meat To Perfection
By S. Ferrari
Sugar is often reserved for dessert dishes, but the next time you're cooking a meat dish in your air fryer, use this natural sweetener to cook perfectly browned meat.
When your meat is coated with a bit of sugar, the concentrated heat in an air fryer will caramelize the sugar, giving your meat a crackly texture and a hint of sweetness.
A super simple way to introduce sugar into your meat preparation before it hits the fryer is to include a bit of granulated sugar or brown sugar in a dry rub or a glaze.
A dry rub or glaze with sugar benefits dishes like simple and versatile jerk chicken wings or even a show-stopping honey brown sugar glazed ham.
If you prefer a sweetener with a floral flavor, honey is an ideal option for a honey-mustard and cider marinade for spareribs.
Molasses is also another liquid sweetener that will help you achieve that beautiful browning for a recipe like molasses-mustard glazed beef ribs.