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The Secret Ingredient Giada De Laurentiis Adds To Chicken Noodle Soup
By Heidi Chaya
Chicken noodle soup is rich in minerals, and it can help fight germs, boost immunity, alleviate inflammation, and rehydrate your body when you're sick. Almost all celebrity chefs have their own renditions of this classic, but Giada De Laurentiis’ version has something special that makes it extra tasty and even healthier.
In her Lemon Chicken Noodle Soup, De Laurentiis adds two whole lemons' worth of juice and explains that it helps "brighten up the flavor." The thousands of Food Network reviews under the recipe prove its palatability by boasting a love for the lemon.
You may be worried about the lemon souring the soup, but De Laurentiis reassuringly says, "I'm telling you, this is really good." In fact, adding acid to soups is a common culinary practice, as a little bit of vinegar highlights the ingredients of soup, and vinegar and lemon juice both help the bones and meat relinquish their collagen.