Grapevine on black volcanic soil in vineyards of La Geria, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
The Secret Advantage That Volcanic Wineries Have
By Heidi Chaya
Whether it's sustainable wine, wine slushies, or the rosé craze, wine is not immune to popular trends and phases. Currently, one growing sector in the wine world is volcanic wines, and you can find volcanic vineyards in Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, and Hawaii.
Although volcanic soil isn't very fertile, it's loaded with minerals and drains well, creating small, acidic grapes that produce characteristic wines. This means that volcanic vineyards remain popular despite the risks that come with being near active volcanoes.
Wines grown in volcanic wineries have a flinty earthiness imparted by iron, calcium, and other minerals in volcanic soil, and the high pH of the wines means they last longer and taste fresher. They are light and drinkable, pairing well with many foods and catering to the sophisticated tastes of modern wine lovers.