seared pork chops
The Searing Tip To Follow For Perfectly Browned Pork Chops
By Madalyn Mackarey
If you want perfectly cooked pork chops that are juicy and moist, the ideal method is to sear them to seal in flavor, and the key to perfect browning lies in the fat.
Many standard store-bought pork chops will have a layer of fat around the edges. This fat is chewy and rubbery and is often trimmed or completely removed before cooking.
Next time, try leaving the fat on the pork chop and searing its fat-rimmed side in the pan — that strip of fat renders and browns up, becoming crispy, golden, and delicious.
The fat cap packs lots of flavor when seared and traps the moisture of the tender, delicate pork. If it's removed before cooking, the hot pan can quickly dry out the meat.
Use bone-in pork chops to prop them up in the pan while searing the sides. Lean them against the side of the pan (or each other) so that the fat caps maintain contact with the pan.
Sear the fat cap first to cook the rest of the meat in the rendered fat. Once it's brown and crispy, lay the chops flat in the pan with enough room to evenly brown on all sides.