beef burgers on grill with flames from charcoal, overhead view
The Science To Prevent Burgers Shrinking On The Grill This Summer
By Haldan Kirsch
Burgers can shrink on the grill because the meat's proteins get wound together during the patty-shaping process. To prevent this, making well-shaped patties is crucial.
When you overwork the ground beef while shaping, proteins break down slightly and cross-link. The interwoven strands of your burger will tighten once they hit the grill.
The key to well-shaped patties is to assemble them as loosely as possible while still helping them take shape. Lightly wetting your hands will keep the meat from sticking to them.
Your patties will still shrink a little, so shape them slightly wider than your buns so they fit perfectly once cooked. Make a small dimple in the center to prevent bulging.