Holiday Goose with Red Cabbage, Vegetables and Side Dishes or Christmas
The Rise And Fall Of The Classic Christmas Goose
By Mikala Lugen
These days, the most popular Christmas dishes in America include turkey, chicken, and roast beef, but there was a time that roasted goose was the main dish on the dinner table in America and Europe. According to YouGov, the goose now ranks at a low-earning 55th spot in the list of most popular Christmas dishes, so what happened to the traditional Christmas goose?
The tradition of eating roasted goose dates back to the late 1500s, and it’s said that Queen Elizabeth I had everyone consume the dish for Christmas to celebrate the English victory over the Spanish Armada. The roasted goose stuck as the staple Christmas dish in England, and it was also served during Michaelmas, the feast of St. Michael.
However, since geese are more expensive and difficult to raise, other meats began being served during the holidays. According to Southern Fried Science, there was a surplus of turkeys in the 1940s, and since many working-class families were now able to afford a big bird, many chose the cheaper and equally good turkey over a goose.