A closeup of raw chicken on a wooden board.
The Red Flags To Look Out For When Buying Chicken
By C.A. Pinkham
Knowing how to tell whether the chicken you're about to buy is in good shape will save you the torture of contracting a nasty food-borne illness.
Chicken meat that is starting to go bad will take on a gray color and a dull appearance. You also want to make sure your chicken isn't damaged, seems deflated, or bruised.
The smell and texture of a chicken can also indicate whether it is good or bad. If the chicken you want to buy smells funky, stay away.
In terms of texture, if you poke the meat and it either stays poked or feels solid, don't buy it. You want the meat to have a little give but also bounce back to where it was.
If liquid pools in the container, that's a bad sign, too. The excess liquid comes from the chicken absorbing water while it is chilled and can make the meat mushy and bland.