Scotch Whiskey in special glasses and bottle, black podiums on a white background
The Reason Whiskey Glasses Are Shaped Like Tulips
By Elaina Friedman
While some may be fine to pour one or two thumbs' worth of whiskey into any old glass, others believe the tulip-shaped glasses to be the best option. The truth is that there's a good reason why these glasses are the best option for your next whiskey sip.
While not every Glencairn glass (a particular version of a copita glass) is exactly alike, they all share the same tulip-like shape and are perfect for bringing out the flavors and aromas of whiskey and Scotch. According to Nicole Ross, the head bartender of The Chester, "It really lets you fully appreciate the notes you get on the nose and the layering of the flavors."
Toronto bar owner Robin Goodfellow agrees the Glencairn is the ideal whiskey glass, and explained that the tapered mouth "concentrates the smell when you nose it," while the stem "removes any unintentional heat to the spirit." If your favorite part of whiskey is the aroma, the Glencairn will give you the best sipping experience.