A McDonald's sign.
The Reason Some McDonald's Locations Sell Random, Unofficial Food Items
By C.A. Pinkham
Some McDonald's franchisees sell items you can't find at other locations. McDonald's corporate is unhappy when stores do this, so it's typically not a company-approved move.
While McDonald's may want to stop the local stores from selling tuna salad or turkey pot pie, actually keeping it off menus is a little more difficult.
There are gray areas in McDonald's franchise contracts, so it simply might not be able to issue an order from on high and banish that blueberry pie from your local Golden Arches.
These aren't official menu items, but instead, franchisees decide on a certain menu item that might not do well nationally but will do gangbuster business in their specific area.
Restaurants are a thin profit margin business, so selling these products can make a difference, especially because of how badly McDonald's squeezes their franchisees.
As for whether they can get away with it, it all depends on the franchisee's contract. If you enjoy your local McDonald's weird menu item, get it while you can.