"Jacksonville, Florida, USA - July, 18 2011. The exterior of a Five Guys fast food restaurant."
The Reason Five Guys' Fries Have The Perfect Texture
By Nick Johnson
Given the widespread availability of potatoes and the relatively easy process of cooking a french fry, fries have become nearly ubiquitous at fast-food establishments. Five Guys, despite a laundry list of competitors, arguably has some of the absolute best fries on the market and there’s a good reason why.
According to a TikTok released by a self-identified cook at Five Guys, “double-frying” is the important step that ensures the perfect texture of their fries. Thinly sliced potatoes are kept in their initial oil bath for two minutes before being transferred to the second batch of oil, where the frying process is completed; the excess oil is then removed by shaking the fry basket exactly 15 times.
However, initially, when the potatoes are sliced and still aren't quite ready for the deep fryer, they are subjected to an intense agitation process, which serves to strip them of excess starch and sugar. Then they're placed in a cold water bath, where they remain until they are needed for frying as soaking is an important step in ensuring a texturally sound fry.