Dr aged sirloin steak
The Reason Dry-Aged Steak Is More Expensive Than Regular Steak
By Gregory Lovvorn
Dry-aged steaks demand a premium price for a few good reasons, though many consider it worth it due to their taste. They have a depth of flavor that can only be achieved through the dry-aging process, but their stout taste is not for everyone.
Dry-aged beef is created by placing whole cuts of meat in a controlled environment, which breaks down the connective tissue and makes the beef more tender. While the result of this process is a denser, more tender piece of beef with a very unique flavor profile, paying for refrigeration to store them in this environment makes it more expensive.
In addition, the meat can shrink by up to 30% during this process, meaning you receive less meat than what you’re paying for. Also, the meat's outer layer, with its microbial growth, gets trimmed away before being cut into steaks, creating more waste and added expense for the meat master.