Crackers against a white background.
The Reason Crackers Have Holes In Them Is All About Texture
By Kelly Douglas
Pick up a box of crackers, and you'll notice that almost every cracker has holes in it, which doesn’t mean that bakers are trying to cheat you out of a few extra bites. This all has to do with an essential part of the cracker-manufacturing process and helps the crackers bake properly.
Due to the amount of liquid in the dough, cracker dough tends to steam as it bakes, and this steam needs to go somewhere. That's why so many crackers have holes poked into them before baking, as the steam needs a "release valve" to keep the cracker flat, and those tiny holes are the perfect solution. 
The number of holes poked (or "docked") into each cracker depends on the cracker's size, with larger crackers needing more docking than smaller ones. The next time you eat a cracker, remember that it wouldn't have the texture you love without the holes.