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The Reason Aldi Is So Cheap
By Cynthia Anaya
With food prices soaring due to inflation, it’s no wonder consumers’ appreciation grows for low-cost grocery stores like Aldi. Many factors contribute to Aldi’s low prices, but they all boil down to one basic cost-saving strategy: setting limits.
The supermarket chain doesn’t carry many big-name brands, so its stores do not require as much shelf space — plus, they stay open for only about 12 hours a day, as opposed to, say, Kroger’s 17 hours. Reduced hours and a small real estate footprint equate to lower utility bills.
The company also saves on personnel by requiring customers to bus their shopping carts and bag their groceries. While some factors may be inconvenient for shoppers, they're all geared toward saving customers money, and for many, it's certainly worth it, especially during inflation.