A closeup of a McDonald's entrance.
The Quirkiest Secret Menu Item At McDonald's Is For Fish Lovers
By Kalea Martin
The only burger option McDonald's official menu has for fish lovers is a Filet-O-Fish, but McDonald's secret menu features the Land, Air, and Sea Burger.
The beef represents the "land" part of the sandwich, "sea" refers to the fish fillet, and though chickens don't spend much time in flight, "air" refers to the poultry patty.
As a cross between a Big Mac, a McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish, the hybrid sandwich includes the sauces from each one — tartar sauce, Big Mac sauce, and mayonnaise.
It's also topped with shredded lettuce, pickle slices, onions, and American cheese. To get one, you'll need to order a Big Mac, a McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish.
To assemble your Land, Air, and Sea Burger, simply put the Filet-O-Fish on the top half of the Big Mac and the McChicken on the bottom half.