Homemade chicken salad sandwich with potato chips
The Popular Indian Condiment That Will Add Color
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Chicken Salad
By Heather Newman
Chicken salad is a lunchtime classic, but it can often feel dated and dull. If this is the case, you can give it a boost of flavor and a pop of color with chutney.
Popular in Indian cuisines, chutney also adds flavor and moisture to the chicken salad so you don't need to depend on so much mayonnaise, resulting in a light and vibrant sandwich.
Mango chutney can be a natural introduction to the chutney and chicken salad combo, as its sweet, fruity notes cut mayo's heaviness, and its bright colors look pretty on the plate.
Meanwhile, tomato chutney brings color and acidity without too much sweetness. Green chutney, made with cilantro and chili peppers, offers a smooth texture and a little kick.