Strawberry cream with icing bag on white background
The Piping Bag Hack For Lovely 2-Toned Buttercream Swirls
By Harriette Halepis
Piping buttercream can create beautiful cakes, and the easiest way to make two-toned swirls is to add two colors to two different piping bags and place them inside a larger one.
While applying consistent pressure, the two colors added to the larger bag will appear two-toned when piping. You can use a tip on the larger bag or cut the end for larger swirls.
You can also spoon stripes of different colored frosting onto a piece of plastic in parallel lines, carefully roll the plastic to create a log, then drop it into a piping bag.
It's also possible to spoon two different colors directly into a large piping bag, keeping each color parallel, but these methods can be tricky since the colors might mix.
The swirls will be different depending on where the colors are placed. Adding one color inside of another (instead of parallel) will make a swirl in the middle of the buttercream.
Two-toned buttercream works with almost any type of frosting, including Swiss meringue and American buttercream, and you can use homemade or store-bought frosting to make swirls.