A closeup of Stanley Tucci in a restaurant.
The Pasta Dish Stanley Tucci Claimed Was One Of His All-Time Favorites
By Erin Metz
Stanley Tucci is a multi-talented actor on the big and small screen, but when he’s not on a movie or TV set, he’s indulging in a plate of delicious pasta.
Tucci has made his love for all things Italian food well-known, and one of his favorite dishes is Spaghetti alla Nerano, which has become a weekly meal in the Tucci household.
This simple pasta dish only has a handful of ingredients, and the surprising star component that elevates this dish to new heights is the addition of zucchini.
The fried zucchini provides a satisfying texture variance and is accompanied by pasta, butter, and handfuls of cheese, creating the perfect bite of fresh, complementary flavors
In his food-fueled show on CNN called “Searching For Italy,” Tucci takes one bite of this dish and claims “ It's just one of the best things I've ever had in my life.”