Homemade pot roast in a slow cooker on a wooden table
The Paper Towel Hack To Prevent A Watery Slow Cooker Meal
By Allie Ward
The secret to preventing watery slow cooker meals and ensuring that your culinary creations turn out rich, flavorful, and ready to impress lies with an everyday paper product.
Simply place a sheet or two between the lid and the pot, ensuring the seal remains tight, to absorb excess moisture and prevent condensation from dripping onto the food.
Reach for a good-quality, sturdy paper towel that can absorb moisture effectively without falling apart. Single-ply towels may not be as effective as thicker, absorbent ones.
This trick is useful for recipes that have ingredients with higher water content, such as vegetables or certain cuts of meat, and recipes that call for a crunchy topping or crust.