A closeup of roasted vegetables in a pan.
The Oven Temperature You Should Default To For Roasting Veggies
By Julia Mullaney
Roasted vegetables require little effort outside of some olive oil and seasonings, but to ensure they are golden brown and crispy, you need to get the temperature just right.
The sweet spot for roasting vegetables is 425 degrees F, but it’s best to keep an eye on your vegetables because they can easily burn at this heat.
Thinly sliced veggies like zucchini and green beans should take about 20 minutes to cook, while veggies like potatoes and butternut squash can take up to 45 minutes or an hour.
However, even though 425 degrees F is a widely recommended temperature across the board, you might come across some recipes that suggest roasting at 400 or 450 degrees F.
It's best to follow the recipe because sometimes, a lower or higher temperature is better depending on whether you're roasting the vegetables in sauce or with other ingredients.