A closeup of a person holding a McDonald's burger.
The Ordering Tip For The Best McDonald's Burger Ever
By Stacie Adams
Former McDonald's manager of culinary innovation Mike Haracz shares on TikTok that customers can enhance their burger exponentially by requesting a steamed bun.
This hack is made possible by the special appliance used to steam Filet-O-Fish buns, which can also steam the buns of your favorite McDonald's burger.
All you have to do is make a polite request when you make your order. Steaming your buns will help the ingredients meld together for a truly cohesive flavor profile.
Steam also supplies added moisture to the bread, which creates a bouncier, more buoyant texture. Haracz recommends using this hack on a double cheeseburger or a McDouble.
One McDonald's fan reported a successful outcome when they requested this hack, saying "Facts! It's 10/10 add lettuce & side of Mac sauce."