A closeup of a McDonald's restaurant.
The Only Two States That Offer McDonald's Fried Apple Pie
By Chase Shustack
McDonald's apple pie is one of its most popular and recognizable menu items, but before 1992, this beloved food item was served fried instead of baked.
Although McDonald's moved from fried to baked apple pies to quell health concerns, you can still find the fried versions in California and Hawaii.
One McDonald's location in Downey, California not only serves the original fried apple pie, it provides the atmosphere of a late 1940s car-side hamburger joint.
In Hawaii, all McDonald's restaurants serve the deep-fried version of apple pie because there is more demand for the fried version.
Victor Lim, a franchise owner in Hawaii, explained to Honolulu Magazine that the baked pie was too "doughy," and "people did not like the baked as much as the fried pie."