Downtown of Burlington, Vermont in the night.
The Only State In The US Where You Won't Be Able To Find A Dairy Queen
By Ariana DiValentino
Dairy Queen has 4,269 locations throughout the U.S., so you would think that would be enough locations to cover people's frozen dessert cravings in every state.
However, if you're a resident of Vermont, you'll have to cross state lines to satisfy your need for a Blizzard on a hot summer's day.
There's no clear reason why Dairy Queen has yet to open in Green Mountain State. The company has explored the possibility in the past, but it never materialized.
We can only speculate why Vermont is the only state without a DQ, but it has been suggested that there are two reasons, and they go by the names of Ben & Jerry.
Known for their famous pints, Ben & Jerry's has shops as well, and it's possible that the locals are just loyal to the Vermont-based company.