Buttermilk soaked, pan fried chicken.  (Photo by Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
The Only Pan You Should Use To Fry Chicken
By Betsy Parks
Fried chicken dishes are versatile and widely popular around the world, including many styles like Korean, Southern, and Thai. You can recreate any type of fried chicken at home if you have a good recipe, a little patience, and the right tools — most importantly, the right pan for the job.
If you're cooking a batch of chicken, reach for a classic, good-quality cast-iron skillet. Good, thick cast iron will also keep your heat steady without significant fluctuations in temperature, and the sides are also perfect for clipping on a deep frying or candy thermometer.
When shopping for a fried chicken-friendly skillet, look for a pan that can handle the volume of the chicken and the oil you plan to fry. If you're leery of buying a cast-iron pan due to their maintenance needs, remember that they are fairly indestructible, as long as you keep them out of the dishwasher and never put a hot pan in cold water.