Chef Bobby Flay
The Only Ingredients Bobby Flay Utilizes To Season His Burgers
By Ciara McLaren
According to grill master Bobby Flay, you should only season burgers with salt and pepper; adding other spices, garlic, or onion is a no-no. "That is meatloaf," he told Today Food.
The more you handle ground beef, the denser it gets, and it's easier to overwork with added ingredients. As for turning your burger into meatloaf, that's a matter of preference.
Gently forming freshly ground beef into a patty results in a caramelized crust on the outside with a light, juicy internal texture. Vigorously mixing the beef forms a dense puck.
This effect intensifies when you add salt to the mix, which causes muscle proteins to dissolve and crosslink. That's why you should wait to salt your patties after forming them.
Using fewer seasonings and handling the meat less results in a juicier burger. Bobby Flay recommends using ground beef with at least 20% fat for the best outcome.