bowl of baked macaroni and cheese
The One Simple Step That Gives Mac And Cheese A Gourmet Upgrade
By Stacie Adams
There are many ways to enhance the taste of boxed mac and cheese. One of the best and quickest tricks is to use a food torch to create a brown, crispy crust on top of the dish.
Using a food torch gives the cheese a more complex flavor than a stovetop or baked version and enhances the finished dish's texture and appearance.
Hold your food torch approximately 2 inches away from the mac and cheese and move it back and forth as you char the surface for the most even browning without burning.
While there are plenty of versatile culinary torches on the market, some home chefs recommend using a hardware torch since it's cheaper and the higher BTUs are more effective.
If you don't have a food torch, you can use your oven broiler to serve the same purpose without the need to keep an extra kitchen accessory in your home.