Open tin can with fresh tomatoes.
The Nutritional Advantage Of Buying Canned Tomatoes Over Fresh
By Lori McCall
Canned vegetables have endured a harsh reputation, but some canned goods, like tomatoes, are cheaper than — and may be more nutritious than — their fresh siblings.
Despite popular opinion, canned foods are not always high in salt, and the "no salt added" notation on many canned products has become ubiquitous in most grocery stores.
Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that gives them their red color and protective potential against inflammation and other diseases.
While the high pressure and high heat of the canning process destroys some water-soluble vitamins, it makes lycopene more bioavailable, giving our bodies more of the good stuff.
Essentially, eating more lycopene-rich foods (like tomatoes) will leave you less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.