American junk food minimal concept. Flying chicago cheese steak with cheddar cheese on yellow background. Top view
The Most Underrated Cheese Option For A Philly Cheesesteak
By Chase Shustack
You may hear claims that true cheesesteaks are only served with Cheez Whiz, but there are all kinds of cheese that will work. While Cheez Whiz is indeed a tried-and-true condiment, other types of cheese should be given some extra love.
One of the top picks is white American cheese, as it has a very mild, salty taste when compared to a bolder cheese like yellow American, which has a strong and tangy flavor. Because of this somewhat bland flavor, white American cheese is said to complement its steak and toppings rather than overpower them.
Another excellent choice is Provolone cheese, which many say was the first cheese to grace this Philadelphia staple, giving it a historical advantage over its Cheez Whiz and white American counterparts. Additionally, it has a milder, sharper flavor than other cheeses commonly used, and it melts into a firmer slice, which keeps everything together better.