Beer is poured into a glass
The Most Overrated Type Of Beer, According To Experts
By Rachael Grow
With a seemingly endless list of beer options, those who love to cap their night off with a cold lager or ale always have choices. Among these are a wide variety of IPA selections, but some bartenders wish for more variety in the market, wanting breweries to craft something better than mediocre without getting lost in following the latest trends.
With its bitter taste and lack of flavor, many people consider IPAs overrated and over-hopped, despite how many you'll see advertised. Some breweries are over-saturated with or only offer IPAs, and one Reddit user even asked, "Am I the only one who wants to pick from a variety of beer styles and not just ten thousand renditions of one single style?"
Thrillist asked beer experts about the most overrated beer style, and more than a few said IPAs have an inflated status as other beers are under-represented in the market. John Thompson, a writer for The Hops Local, stated, "some brewers will just slap you in the face with hops," and Great Beer Now writer Bryan Carey believes "a state of overkill has been reached and exceeded."