French fries falling down on a black background.
The Mistake You're Making When Cooking French Fries In The Oven
By Kuamel Stewart
It may seem quicker and more convenient to bake a lot of fries in one go so everyone can dig in sooner, but crowding your oven will result in unevenly baked French fries.
Overcrowding the baking pan with fries will make them steam in your oven instead of bake, resulting in squishy, soggy fries lacking that essential crispiness.
Overcrowding leading to steaming is especially a risk when you're oven-baking frozen fries because they contain a lot of water that will turn into steam in the heat of an oven.
You'll also want to avoid tossing a mix of randomly cut potatoes or frozen french fries into your oven, as some will cook faster than others.
The best way to prevent these mistakes is to cook your fries in batches, ensure they're similar in size and structure, and space them out on the baking tray.