Gilled cheese sandwiches on a plate
The Mistake That Leads To The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
By C.A. Pinkham
While starting cooking in a cold pan is often considered a mistake, it is the key to a perfect grilled cheese. Starting with a cold pan delays the Maillard reaction.
This delay allows the center of the food to start cooking before the edges brown up, and the steady buildup of heat will melt the cheese before the bread crisps up.
Your bread will hit the point of toasted perfection just as your cheese hits the right degree of melt (and before it liquefies and leaks out the sides).
Start by setting the stove to medium — the first side will generally take five to seven minutes from cold, while the second will take four to five minutes.
When cooked in a hot pan, grilled cheese usually takes a total of six to eight minutes, but those extra few minutes make the difference to perfectly melted cheese.