A closeup of ground beef.
The Meat Tip For Making A Bodega-Worthy Chopped Cheese At Home
By Erin Metz
New York is heaven for sandwich lovers, and the experience of a chopped cheese at a Bodega is an experience that every sandwich lover should have.
However, if you're not heading to the Big Apple anytime soon, you can whip up your own bodega-style chopped cheese by picking the right ground beef.
While out shopping for your DIY chopped cheese, make sure to get 80/20 ground beef. This means there is 80% lean meat and 20% fat in your ground beef mixture.
With this percentage of fat, your meat will cook nicely without supplemental fats such as butter or oil. Form the meat into patties to render fat without drying out your meat.
After frying the patties on each side for a few minutes, chop them up and mix in your onions and cheese.
Make sure you have a large enough skillet or cast iron that will give you enough room to chop up the meat and veggie contents with a spatula.