A closeup of McDonald's store.
The McDonald's Bagel Breakfast Sandwich Ordering Hack You Need
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
McDonald's breakfast bagel egg sandwich is a fan favorite, but according to former McDonald's corporate chef Mike Haracz, there is a hack to make it even better.
Haracz posted a TikTok video suggesting that a better option is to ask for the scrambled eggs from the big breakfast instead of the folded eggs the sandwich typically comes with.
He says this could be the key to an even tastier and fluffier meal, but if you want to try this McDonald's egg swap breakfast sandwich hack, be prepared to pay a bit extra.
Scrambled eggs are a better option because they are made fresh with liquid eggs, while the folded eggs are pre-cooked and folded into a square.
Scrambled eggs will give your breakfast sandwich a richer, fresher, more buttery flavor, and it's voluminous enough to fill out your bagel, leading to a satiating meal.
It's important to note that although the scrambled egg is made right there in the restaurant, it does get stored in the company's universal holding cabinet until it's ready to use.