A McDonald's sign against a blue sky.
The McBrunch Burger Is A Real Meal At McDonald's (If They'll Let You Order It)
By Chase Shustack
Although rumors suggest that some locations still serve all-day breakfast, most McDonald's strictly follow the rules, and if you're not there by 11:00 am, you can't order from the breakfast menu. However, it may be possible to get the best of both worlds with the "McBrunch Burger."
According to a video by TikTok user Tommy Winkler, there is a period when one can, hypothetically, get breakfast and lunch items at McDonald's, as the restaurant prepares for the lunch rush but still isn't done with its breakfast menu. This is when you can (possibly) order the McBrunch: a cheeseburger with two beef patties, bacon, a hash brown patty, and scrambled eggs (or egg whites, if the first option isn't available).
While the McBrunch is just one of many bold McDonald's breakfast hacks, it's always important to remember that employees can't recreate everything you see on social media. McDonald's employees may not have even heard of unofficial menu items like the McBrunch, but try your luck — just don't be surprised if you walk away McBrunch-less.