Group of pipettes with serum and oil on luxury silver background
The Lesser-Known Oil That Needs To Be In Every Kitchen
By Gregory Lovvorn
While oils are an invaluable kitchen ingredient, they often splatter, coating every surface, making things sticky, and becoming difficult to clean up. Aside from cooking oils, keeping this oil in your kitchen can help you avoid common problems.
Mineral oil mainly comes from petroleum and is available as a food-grade product. While doctors recognize a slight risk associated with ingesting mineral oil in some populations, it's generally considered safe and companies use it to manufacture medications, cosmetics, and baby products.
Mineral oil is resistant to oxidation, making it ideal for lubricating knives as it can form a barrier on the surface and prevent rust. The oil will also soak into wooden surfaces like cutting boards, keeping them from drying out, and will help make metal surfaces shiny, but be sure to use food-grade mineral oil in food preparation areas.