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The Kit Kat Flavor Made Specifically For Adults
By Chandler Phillips
In the past few years, Kit Kat has been carving out a niche as a brand of premium, sophisticated candy with unique flavors that can only be found in certain countries. Japanese Kit Kats are among the most famous, and the brand's master pâtissier, Yasumasa Takagi, has taken an interest in making Kit Kats for older audiences.
Takagi's first Kat Kat flavor to cater exclusively to adults has been released by Nestlé Japan, and this unique chocolate candy is infused with the flavors of whisky barrels. The bar doesn't contain liquor, but gets all its flavor from aging in Islay scotch barrels, infusing the chocolate with the flavor of the scotch that is also aged in these same barrels.
The Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kat is made with cacao from Ghana that is aged for 180 days, which gives it a nose of intense floral notes, a smoky, sweet body, and a salty coastal breeze finish. This Kit Kat is also sold with one bar in each package rather than two, in a sleek amber and charcoal wrapper inside a case reminiscent of a cigar box.