Food to reduce carbon footprint. Vegan Plant based fish, fishless fillets with roasted vegetables in a zero waste reusable recycling cardboard packaging
The Ingredients That Give Vegan Seafood That Fishy Flavor
By Natasha Brooks
The trend toward plant-based seafood is growing, made evident by the wide variety of faux fish products in most mainstream grocery stores. However, these processed foods often contain a lot of oil, preservatives, and ingredients that are hard to pronounce, so those who want to avoid these will be glad to know they can make plant-based seafood right at home.
The same flavorings applied to real fish and meat can be applied to vegan seafood, such as Old Bay seasoning, freshly squeezed lemon, dill, mustard seed, capers, chopped celery, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes. Ingredients like nori, kelp, wakame, dulse, and other types of seaweed are a quick and effective way to get that distinct seafood flavor.
If you’re intrigued by vegan seafood but don’t know where to start, try dishes like artichoke heart and red bell pepper crab cakes, or mushrooms (especially oyster mushrooms) as a clam substitute in your favorite chowder. You can also try hearts of palm ceviche loaded with fresh citrus and cilantro, or tempeh and tofu as a fish substitute.